Confidentiality Policy

Policy Statement:

All employees, volunteers, students, and board members will maintain complete confidentiality regarding all information related to Hospice West Parry Sound (HWPS) clients, caregivers, employees, and volunteers.

All paid and unpaid staff is entrusted with sensitive information (written and verbal) related to many different aspects of clients, caregivers, and colleagues’ lives.  Respect of that trust is expected in every aspect of involvement with HWPS.  


The purpose of this policy is to protect all clients/families, caregivers, employees, students, and volunteers that are involved with the services of HWPS.  As well as to protect HWPS from negative repercussions that could damage the agency’s clients, caregivers, staff, volunteers, and students.


  • Confidentiality Agreement


All paid and unpaid staff and volunteers shall keep confidential any and all information they acquire during the course of their employment that would reasonably be considered to be personal or confidential. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personal information concerning clients and families
  • Personal information concerning staff and volunteers
  • Confidential information obtained from third parties
  • Confidential information concerning the business or operations of HWPS

No person shall disclose such information unless such disclosure is required within the course of involvement with HWPS.  Information covered by this policy shall include information that is written or unwritten or stored electronically.  

Subject to legislation and regulations, any personal or confidential information shall be released only as required in the necessary course of employment and only by those persons authorized to release such information.  (see Glossary – Circle of Care)

All requests for release of information shall be directed to the Executive Director.

Any person who knowingly, recklessly, or negligently releases personal or confidential information without appropriate authority may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of the employment contract.  

All volunteers who may have access to confidential or personal information shall be provided with a copy of this policy and required to adhere to it as a condition of being a volunteer.  

All students who may have access to confidential or personal information shall be provided with a copy of this policy and be required to adhere to it as a condition of their contract.  

The Executive Director shall ensure that all employees, volunteers, and students covered by this policy be provided with a copy of it prior to commencing employment or duties with HWPS and shall sign a Confidentiality Agreement form yearly indicating their understanding and agreement with the confidentiality policy.

Refer to HWPS policy – 1.30 Privacy – for information regarding the handling of a breach of privacy.

  • May 2003

REVISED:  February 2006, July 2009, January 2017, October 2017, February 2020, March 2021, November 2022

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